Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 22, 2018

TV Land My favorite Westerns~by rldubour



TV Land My favorite Westerns

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When I was very young

We had no TV

A radio is all we had

I remember this to be.



We all gathered around

And listened to the Jack Benny show

And popular songs we sang along

At least the ones we know.



Then one day our first TV

All thought a miracle!

Reception was really blurry

After a while we could not tell.



My favorite time was Saturday

The best shows on TV

Sky King and Roy Rogers

I thought the best they’ll ever be.



Zorro and the Lone Ranger

Daniel Boone was on there too.

Hop a long Cassidy, the Cisco Kid

And all for us to view.



Audie Murphy and Gene Autry

And Jack Paladin

Sometimes I wish they bring them back

So I can view again.



Gunsmoke with Marshall Dillon

Festus and Miss Kitty

All took place in the wild west

In a town called Dodge City.



There was Davy Crockett

And John Wayne

All these western heroes

Were in my hall of fame.



It’s fun to drift back to those days

Those classic western shows.

When TV time was a novelty

That today’s youth will never know.


(Jack Paladin was Half gun will travel played by Richard Boone)


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