Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 23, 2018

Daily missive for Tuesday the 23rd of January.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Tuesday the 23rd of January.

Lay me gently down
Let me rest
Beneath tall trees
As the sun climbs
Tilting its light
Between an intricacy
Of slender fingers
Garnished golden spires
Nestled among a company
Of gnarled old oaks
A meander of up turned leaves
An overlay of
Dreaming branches
Interlaced and interlocked
A filigree in motion
As the earth keeps turning
Never a moment
Too late for the day
Bring a cup
Let me drink
From the well
It is ringed with bright water
Drawn from deep within
The old world
We can share a mouthful
It is life blood
To the weary
Lie with me
Let us dream together
Of pinnacles
That touch the sky
Minarets and minuets
Music to remember
Let us waltz
As the day drifts by
As lightly as a cloud
On a soft breeze
My soul would
So easily break free
If only we were
To ponder
For a moment
What it means
To be here.

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