Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 23, 2018

Hop on I’ll take you on a ride~by Rod Loper



Hop on I’ll take you on a ride

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Hop on I’ll take you on a ride through,
Everyday, were lied to, with a smile,
Reach a certain age were adults, no longer a child,
Fill our work load with stress, and a mind full
Of misguided information that we’re bind too,
Still admitting to others that you’re fine dood,
Hoping the void will fill in time too,
Another line drew, thats times two,
The minds news are rhymes fuel,
Silence is key but don’t be a mime fool,
Your voice impacts harder than mines do
Your soul patiently waits inside you
Guides you,
Please shine through,
The ignorance blinds you,
That’s fine too,
Not everybody’s hopeless, drink me potion, kind stew,
Live for the moment, it’s only a moment, life wasnt meant to rewind sploofs,
The past is dead and gone, nothing to chime too.
Your Lifes an everyday struggle, mine too,
We’re all seeking home, gazing at the sky blue,
We all have similar questions, what, when, where, how, why, who
I questioned life everyday in highschool,
Took me 25 years before my mind blew,
My move, time to, create a better world by seeing what my rhymes do,
We all have a talent, but first find you,
To discover oneself is the right move,
When you realize it, the ego, youre only tied too
Snip the strings and you’re in for a tycoon,
Soul vs ego it’s strictly a rival,
The universe is vividly our tribal,
Be free, sing loud with a high note,
Stay true to you, stand proud with high hopes,
Influence the youth not to buy dope,
Snowboard to slide slopes,
Awake your mind bro,
Rushing life like the white rabbit only to find the line slowed,
Connect with the people’s divine mold,
Read the signs, realign the heart, mind, soul,
Breathe the oxygen of the trees not the dust that mines gold,
We’re all tired and weak, being on this grinds old,
Trust the hand you we’re dealt, double 9s hold,
Not the amount of likes on a picture and 9 pokes,
Treat the world to a recipe the Mayans wrote,
We’re all dying so,
Appreciate your day,
Appreciate your mates,
Appreciate your health,
The measure of your wealth,
Well, Is truly how frequent you appreciate yourself…

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