Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 24, 2018

The Emperor~by Patrick Kevin O’Shea



The Emperor

Your words lay like brushed velvet upon bright robes reserved for great kings .

So smooth to the touch of the courtiers, holding up your long gowns, as the clarinets sing .

French horns resinate across the pomp within the plume .

As elevated angels transcend within the hoorah, within this magnificent room .

Then you speak with overtones, within smooth tones, so clear and so crisp .

As the crowd, that stand around, but in silence, as you whisp .

They roar, with loud uproar, after every sentence you preach .

The old and the young, the loud and the meek .

Your words, you resonate, then dissipate, inside the minds, that you bring .

The crowd will kill at will, as you install, your mindset call .

To give their life, within battle strife, they will fight till they fall .

Then once again, the courtiers raise aloft, your velvet gown, as the gold clarinets sing .

To lord you and applaud you, to rejoice the emoerlism that you bring .

Poetry by
Copyright Written by
Patrick Kevin O’Shea


  1. Uniquely outstanding! Complimentary recognition to the subject of grandeur via poetry. Perfection!

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