Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 25, 2018

WHEEL CHAIR BOND~by Jyotirmaya Thakur




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In a world of abundance his needs are few,
As evening sets in life opens in reality view,
A weary traveller with a promise to pursue, 
Till last breath awesome challenge anew.

A soul that thoroughly strives to revive,
Mellow memories bound to a wheelchair,
Trepidation encumbered through daylight,
Tough is his journey rolling on paths unfair.

The load of his prolonged misery is misty,
On roads treaded or unexplored is risky,
Lonesome he has to continue his fight,
As a wounded warrior in throes of might.

The progress is clogged by frigid damp air,
He trudges alone as no one really cares ,
Of mental agonies he undergoes aware,
In sparse lights of hope in faith still dares.

Life as seasons has many shades to share,
As river flows in varied beds changing shapes,
Predictable stages of sojourns different pace,
Giving man a tremendous challenge to face.

An invincible spirit to a wheel chair flutters,
Patiently guided his desires do matter,
Feeling of desolation has solitude to offer,
A meaningful existence has a lively narrator.
Jyotirmaya Thakur copyright 24/1/18.

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