Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 25, 2018

You make us proud with your presence.~by Ami Joshi

From all the teachers, I have dedicated this poem to all my students.
My little angels,

You make us proud with your presence.

Image may contain: flower and plant

In the world of competition, 
In the world of rivalries,
I want you to fly,
To fly with your yellow wings…

Do I irritate you my child?
Don’t get upset with it,
Though, I have seen a mine of gold and silver in you…

Do I annoy you with boring lectures?
Don’t worry,
It will take you to the infinity of knowledge…

I rise,
I rise,
Still I rise,
Each moment,
Each day,
To wear your wings,
Your yellow wings,
With your smiles and laughs…

Make a history,
Make a mark,
To be remembered,
Remembered for years and years…

My Angels…
@ Ami J

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