Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 26, 2018

3 Minutes After Birth~by Darcy Royce



3 Minutes After Birth

I traced your shape and waited
at peace and patient, World,
to be touched in the right places,
for words sent as caresses,
directed, yes, not hurled.

I take my share of wrong, World,
for I misjudged your worth,
as I lay expectant with your child,
our precious bundle of love, joy,
I felt abandoned in my birth.

And it hurt so much, dear,
rivers of blood and sweat,
emerged the sea of tears, then,
your came through the deep fog,
“Let life take its course, let!”

I hear you drumming in my heart,
yes, World, I’ve really let you in,
we have come a long way,
survivors of time and ache,
transcending where we’ve been.

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