Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 26, 2018

The river of silence~by Hana Shishiny



The river of silence

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Let it rain memories..
on that river of silence
We have lived an eternity
.ages and more years to live
waves keep scrolling ,salty tears and romance
Sorrow and happiness..
loss and much love to give…

How many years we waited
On that shore of life
Love came and parted
A stream of light..then strife
All poured in the river of silence
Where stories lost,betrayed. ..

Shall we live the moment
Of worthy loving night
Dancing on rays…stolen
Of joy ,with mirth and anhelation
Careless of the plight
Flying with every breeze of dawn
Reborn with every flight….

Come hold my hand…
Against the blow of storm
We are but grains of sand
Enjoying the warming tide
Let us bloom..with love
Before waves take hold
And become a gentle slide
Of memories….
flowing story untold…

By Hana Shishiny
January 2018


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