Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 31, 2018

Mr’s Carter’s Smalls…~by Joe Wilson

A piece of pure whimsy, it was blowing a gale when I started to write this. 😉


Mr’s Carter’s Smalls…

Mr’s Carter’s washing blew
In winds so very strong
And sheets she’d gone to gather
Were now in gardens
Where they didn’t belong.

They danced like ghosts in the garden
Along with Mr’s Carter’s smalls
A misnomer if ever you heard one
She was easily as wide as tall.

The Misses Jones and Cooper
Their washing joined the throng
And the gardens filled with colour
As the washing danced along.

Brian, a callow youth, put music on to play
The washing seemed to catch the beat
And after changing its display
Danced merrily down the street.

And all along the avenue
The washing carried the dance
And no one tried to stop it
They seemed as in a trance.

But Mrs Carter, she gave chase
Her knickers were on display
Alas she was losing the battle
For the wind carried all away.

Others were equally red-faced
Odd knickers and pants on view
The lesson was very clear to all
Use an extra peg or two!

And Mrs Carter’s knickers
Adorn the flagpole of the church
And every time she sees the things
You’ll see a discernible lurch.

And when she’s saying prayers in there
She asks the wind to blow
One day they upped and disappeared
To where, we’ll never know.

©Joe Wilson – Mr’s Carter’s Smalls…2018

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