Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 9, 2018

A Crowd About My Grave~by Patrick Kevin O’Shea

I wrote this poem about the sad loss of our loved ones .We all have different perspectives about what we believe in after life .This is one perspective that may be true…….Best wishes to all



A Crowd About My Grave

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As you crowd, about my grave . One last goodbye, don’t cry be brave .

Please don’t sigh, for when I died . I left my body, as you so cried

My life has passed, this time I gave . Upon this world, so please don’t crave .

For I have left, to pastures new .That loving life, I shared with with you .

This day this cask, is passed to low . Beside this mound, to dark below .

Please don’t cry, for I have gone . Deserted this body, left flesh anon .

My soul adrift, to life elsewhere . Inside my Coffin, I am not there .

My mind , my soul, has lifted so . Along with wind, to where it blows .

Across the waves, beyond the seas . Daylight and night, along with breeze .

Moon and star’s casting shades of light . Twinkling and blinking this tavel in flight .

Sunshine rays, after daylight rains . I dance the arc, as rainbows graze .

Leaping clouds, upon eve of rain . Showering beneath, as rain drops drain .

As you crowd, about my grave . Please don’t cry, don’t sigh, be brave…….

Poetry by
Copyright Written by
Patrick Kevin O’Shea

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