Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 12, 2018

on the dark and gloomy evening ~by Prince Ibekwe



on the dark and gloomy evening

on the dark and gloomy evening
in the day of the setting sun
the chairs and tables resisted my warmth
I thrusted my feet against seven stones
it must be a sign of an evil omen 
the moon wrestled with the morning
as stars fell to the stony earth
in frustration and utmost shame
I was shown the way out of the city
that gave me my daily bread

my glory and crown has been thrown
to the dust as dogs now bark at the
king of the court

where will I get honey to feed
my numerous bees buzzing in
and out of my dry hive?

I was worried and night
captured my feelings

owls and vultures became
my friends as I now talked to walls

but in the midst of the storm
when I thought all hopes were dashed

I saw a tall ladder appear from the
cloudy wind giving me a lift

when I was down casted and grave
I will climb with pride as all hope is not lost

Ibekwe Prince Joseph ®

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