Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 12, 2018

” RED WOLF INN”~by Martin Gedge



‘POEM ” RED WOLF INN” by martin gedge

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Where are you going my little one
on such a gloomy day
you dressed your best in red I guess
I bet your on your way
a basket full and be it so
you have no time to play
cat and mouse to grandma’s house
I love that you should say
but wisely take these words to heart
beware the woods they move
they don’t take kind and speak their mind
to helpless little fools
but if you chance the circumstance
to dance among the wolves
you’ll hear the death of every breath
in steps of bloody hoofs
I beckon thee to see in me
the beast I really am
I’d gladly spread your little head
on toast with butter jam
but will refrain your chosen lane
and wait amongst the clan
I’d be a fool with sharpen tool
to kill your where you stand
I love to stalk as suffers walk
it’s sweetens up the game
I’m in control and as things go
you’ll surely know my name
but if you could my neighborhood
that hat of reddish fame
will stop the track no turning back
and go against the grain
so on you go my little show
but keep your toe in line
your off to see the elderly
In hopes that you should find
but I’ll be there with all this hair
in good and ample time
to drink and feed this wretched seed
like nectar from the vine….

by martin gedge

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