Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 12, 2018

THIS LOVE~by Mxolisi Ñ Nkambule




The love I have for thou is true
Thee compared to beautiful things
But truly speaking
Thee are incomparable
Thine beauty is beyond doubt.
I never had a pleasure to face thee
Though I expressed these feelings.

I remember I told thee many times
How much I love thee.
Sadly thee kept ignoring this poor lovely soul
I know deep inside my heart, thee are my soulmate.
Maybe this sound awfully
Forgive me if I’m speedily

I don’t have dollars to buy roses
Nowadays love is proved by man made things
I’m a man of my own
Be the Queen in my kingdom
I’m ain’t no king, but would love to be one for thee.
This love cried tears of million helpless and powerless children.
It only need thine heart to live.
For it shall find it soul to love.
Thee are the Valentine gift I’ve been waiting for.
This love is true .

© Mxolisi Ñ Nkambule

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