Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 18, 2018

This is a place..~by Ravindranath Kunnath



This is a place..

This is a place..
If you think it is this or that place..
Think deeply..
In this un real world Iam in a place
May be it is this or that place…
I think you are in a war front..
I hear a wild rhythm for your hot
No,no the other think Iam a civilised
body from a city
I feels the rotation of coolness from you…
Iam in a place..
I know the life is for wanderers.
Rivers flow..
Ocean currents flow
Hills and peaks stood upright with
sounding lives and Ice caps..
Like me they knows the pain and joy
Of wanderings..
Wanderers are sages
Wanderings are bliss and joy..
Others are civilised lazy ones with
Always same rhythm of breath and
Iam in a place..
I know it was nor a pilgrim centre or
the banks of holy rivers
It is not a place where pyres
Sounds like breaking of bones.
Iam thinking.
Where am I?
Nice,Oh!Iam thinking like them.
I knows in this world as a wanderer
I wish to think without thoughts..
Wherever,I dont care..
The deep calmness inside in all
that is the thought in me and within
all wanderers..
I dont look back to see all I owned
In my youth.
Now iam old..
But I could see you infront of me..
I love you dear..
Even if iam old dear i love you..
Iam wandering for you..
I know you are the silence of the sky
But where i could find you.
My love..
Dear this is the sorrow and joy of me
I like this wanderings..
I dont see any deserts before only
Vastness with love…

(C) K.V.Ravindranath

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