Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 20, 2018

Cherry Slush~by rldubour



Cherry Slush

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One hot day and in a rush I stopped and got a cherry slush.
I have to stop this rushing around so I found a bench and I sat down.
As I enjoyed my cherry slush it made me think just what the rush?
Life is too short to be like this as I ate my slush and reminisced
As I sat there and just relaxed the sights I saw just took me back.
People here and people there people going everywhere.
Every one was in a rush they all should stop and buy a cherry slush.
I finished mine and wanted more so I went back in the store.
Just took my time no longer rushed how I loved this cherry slush.
Back outside and on my bench this cherry slush is heaven sent.
I sat once more to view the sights as the day turned into night.
The people gone the street was bare as I just sat and didn’t care.
I laughed when I thought with no more fuss they must be home with
their cherry slush.
Before I knew it dusk was dawn I stood up stretched and yawned.
As I stood there again I thought just how many have I bought?
Who would think a cherry slush would change my life all this much.
So if you want me here I’ll be, my bench, my cherry slush and me.

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