Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 23, 2018

In the world of words~by Manoj Papola



In the world of words

In the world of words
is the only place we meet
There it is not forbidden for me,
to say you are mine to keep
put your arms around me
as we sit side ay side
Lean in and kiss me gently
We dont even have to hide
Take a stroll on the bench,
with one toe in the sand.
Talk about the future,
As we walk hand in hand.
Or may ae lay on a blanket,
underneath the full moon.
Pull me in so closely
So in between us there is no room.
Sometimes we just stand there,
gazing in each others eyes.
In these moments I am happiest
My soul smiles from deep inside
But we cant stay here forever
Once again we say good bye
You can see the tears start falling
You can see the tears start falling
as my heart begins to cry.
My world of words now fades.
As i slowly set down my pen
But i bid we meet again……

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