Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 26, 2018





I feel so jealous because
My favorite place on earth
Gets to stare at your face 
And I don’t
The breeze gets to play with you
Tease and embrace you
And I’m not afforded the
Same opportunity
A chance to share jokes
Nor hug you

Envy gnaws at me
I try to ignore it but
There’s this void
That you left
Without you there’s
A little bit of me missing
I admit it now
Life was more meaningful
With you by my side
Everything was a joke
And every problem I had
You solved

You’re an algorithm
To every problem I encounter
Now that you’re out of sight
Though not out of mind
So many issues weigh me down
Whose shoulder am I to lean on
When you’re physically unavailable?

I miss your calls
I hate how these miles
Have come between us
How they’ve robbed us of smiles
The music, the food and window-shopping
Less fun without your silly self

This long distance friendship
Is way too torturous
If I could I’d take the map
And rub off the distance
Put us under the same roof even
If could we wouldn’t even work
We’d spend all day just talking
And laughing coz we’re good at that

© The Conspicuous Word 2017

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