Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 26, 2018

The Sea~by Graham Henderson



The Sea

The world is spinning around and the clocks are set
Decayed and making moves, obscene subterfuge
The sun on the horizon, glitters across the crests of the waves
Foam deposits, plasticised junk, often the residents of lonely beaches.

Ends of eras, creations and rat races hitting the finish lines
Progression? Regression? Or simply the course of nature?
Building blocks, stumbling falls, the splashes from the sea of change
Numerous stories, fantasy islands and some have lived to tell the tale.

Floating and sinking, the marking of a matter of life and death
Docking, the parking and return from a seventh sea
Dying a death drowning in the depths of an abyss
Scratching messages in the sand, a temporary measure, soon washed away.

Eroded coastlines, showing the signs of rage and age,
Ecological footprints and degeneration of pathways
Acidic water and the burning rain, deposits all falling from grace
Oils spills, the blackened blue, wild and sea life disasters
Contributing and establishing our own cruel sea.

Written by G J Henderson.

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