Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 27, 2018

These My Words ~by Ritesh Kr Singh



These My Words ~

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These my words are not mere word,
These are the essence of my soul,
And the reflection of my mind.

These are the unhealed wounds,
The wounds of time, the mistakes of mine,
Decorated with the life’s rhymes.

These my words are the blessings of God,
The mirth of love and the joy of pain,
These are the keys of heart,
Unlocks the passive and active thoughts.

These my words are imprint of mine,
Wit and emotions solemnized.
And makes the tale of life,
These my words,
Immortalize the mortal man of words.

These my words are not only mine,
These are the words of unheard voice,
Of weak and Suppressed.

These words are power to humanity,
To raise the voice against every discrimination.

These my words are colours,
Of love, sorrow, foul and fair plays of men,
Which paints the picture of society.

These words are not mere words,
These are hope,
The hope of mine, yours and all.

Ritesh Kr Singh
© 2018 Ritesh Singh’s poetry.


  1. Very apt and universal !!

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