Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 28, 2018

ENEMIZED~by Kung Chu




I Gotta Keep My èYé On Them
Cause I Know That They Always
Be Watching Me, An Enemy Of My
Enemy Is My Friend, & Keep Your

Family Close But Your Enemies Closer
When Days Are Dark, Friends Are Few
Eish! This Ain’t About Friends, But Can
Put Friends In It, Eey, Eey, Even Best

Friends Can Turn Into Worst Enemies
That’s Life, There Was A Rap Crew That
Put Politics In Music In The 70s-80s Called
Public Enemy, & èYé’d Be Watching Enemy

Of The States, An Enemy Can Never Be No
Friend Of Me, oOH! Just Remembered Never
Say Never, Nevertheless, Real Ride On The
Low No Pretending, Enemies Make Peace

#Kung_chu #ThatsLife #MurderInk #Random #Logical_Poetry #Poems

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