Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 28, 2018

 “PLENTY OF FISH”~by Martin Gedge



 “PLENTY OF FISH” written by martin gedge

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The fact that I, a simple guy
To take a chance on love
And to expect when we connect
Should fit just like a glove
With wit and charm and no alarm
I’m casual calm and cool
To say it proud and if allowed
These eyes were meant for you
I sing a song though right or wrong
A smile to make your day
To speak in kind and share my mind
With every word I say
I’m Not too bold with things I hold
I’m open to the test
cause every book deserves a look
to put my forward best
I’m truly dear to friends so near
my family bond is strong
in shape and fit and from the hip
And I know that I belong
I do believe that to achieve
it takes of will and heart
a common goal of heart and soul
to make a lasting mark
so be inclined to drop a line
In rhyme I make a wish
I’m am the bait to sit and wait
in hopes to catch a fish…..

By martin gedge

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