Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 1, 2018

Beyond the seven colours of the rainbow ~by Nutan Sarawagi

Inspired by Mandour Saleh Hikel

Dedicated to the children of war
As we play in the colour of Holi , they play in the colour of love !

Beyond the seven colours of the rainbow

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In the eighth color, flew a magical dream , in the falling drops of rain coloured in rainbows scheme , playing a melodious peace theme
where every hue cried
‘’colour me in your sheen
in your tears to pour the sunshine reams
in it to dry every tear of a child’s breaking dream
to fill it in eyes full of gleam
please don’t make wars
don’t leave me
a piece of it’s broken dream
a dream in which to be the nightmare of an unending seam
where day lives in the night
where night flies to scream
save me God
but I am the child of you
then why do you break me in the sounds of guns
in your puppet regime
Kill me instead but leave me to a dream
where life lives in a joy
in it’s bursting dream
where life rises from its ashes
smiling in it to seem the end of war
the beginning to love and joyful screams
of children dancing in playful streams
where love just flows
Love me
I am but your beam
Copyright @ Nutan Sarawagi 2018



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