Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 1, 2018

THIS IS GOODBYE~by Angela AinjBee Ditumiso




I held on longer than I should have
All along I knew I was holding in to a dead branch
I mean I saw you die 
I saw you lying in that coffin
Looking peaceful?
I saw you but I was in denial
I saw you but I didn’t want to act weak
I wasn’t ready to feel pain
So I cushioned myself from reality
The reality of losing you

Memories peruse my brain
I’m left crippled by pain
I yearn to be in your presence
I still imagine you walking through the door
I imagine you and I being nocturnal songbirds, the first of our kind
Tweedling the night away
I imagine drawing the night sky closer to us
So we could have a close up view of the stars
And maybe I will harvest some
And sew them on your skin

It has been long time coming
I’ve always know that at some point
I will have to let go of you
I’ll have to move on
I’ll have to stop playing house with a ghost
So my love
This is goodbye
This is the last time I’ll be skinny dipping
In a dead sea of you and I


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