Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 2, 2018

 “FIDDLERS GREEN”~by Martin Gedge



 “FIDDLERS GREEN” by martin gedge

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Grit your teeth and bite your tongue
and clench an open fist
roll your eyes and memorize
what’s on your bucket list
for you will find that it saves time
to check each one so close
cause when your dead your flower bed
won’t save you from your ghost
it’s make or break for what’s at stake
and don’t leave nothing out
for face to face I shall erase
your breathing space no doubt
no backing down i’m breaking ground
your time is wearing thin
my garden sheer I have right here
may seal your coffin in
so get a grasp and move your ass
it’s time to go for broke
i’m moving in with this shigrin
and just for blowing smoke
one more thing before you leave
in words I can describe
this pot of gold to sell your soul
is yours if you decide
But to detest as I suggest
as shadows lurk the scene
I’ll gladly cap your early nap
out here on fiddlers green….

by martin gedge

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