Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 2, 2018

“WHISPERING WILLOW” ~by Martin Gedge



 “WHISPERING WILLOW” by martin gedge

Image may contain: sky, tree, outdoor and nature

A resting breeze through willow trees
to close your eyes and fade
the sweetest smell of passion bell
on leaves of marmalade
an easy soul to sleep you go
in whispers of the wind
the warming heart all peace and part
will hug you from within
the shelter gaze around you blaze
as golden burns the sun
when skies adore to falling pour
no branches come undone
in rain and cold it shall behold
the beauty as she stands
and never rust to windy gust
to nestle in it’s glands
you feel the grace as natures brace
to hold you from the fear
that darken soon and lighted moon
will comfort you so near
the break of dawn and morning yawn
will bloom against the sky
as seasons move a calming soothe
beneath you I shall lie….

by martin gedge

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