Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 4, 2018

“FAMILY DOCTOR”~by Martin Gedge



 “FAMILY DOCTOR” by martin gedge

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I’m one of the two
with madness in mind
my vision is clear
well, most of the time
a fine doctor of science
a medicine man
with a vile full of potion
in the grips of my hand
a leader in health care
a chemical brain
who can change all his spots
like he’s changing his name
well adjusted in theory
I equate all it’s schemes
I live by the day
and my nightmares a scream
I live like a monster
with two sets of rules
when I’m working with symptoms
I’m toying with fools
it’s hard to make judgements
and why should I care
you could put in prison
or plug in my chair
I’m a joke of a jekyll
I’m a mister of hyde
I have faces of many
but their locked up inside
so do push my patients
I’m game for the test
don’t mind the incision
you could use the rest…

by martin gedge

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