Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 4, 2018

HE WENT AWAY ~by Bipul Kalita

( A Tribute to Michael Garland )



Promising to come back
he went away
to swim
as if,
one can believe,
in oceans of peace
like the evening swans
in the painless blue sky.
His rhythmic desires
to infinity,
his aesthetic ways
to our hearts
through love
through friendship
made him feel free to leave
avoiding earthly attachments.
Still he is in us
with us
to make us shed tears
of remembrance
of love
that we can’t pull back
in this world of attachment.
We are attached
to him
to the world he left behind
without looking back
without giving us any chance
to pull him back
to our earthly circles of sadness.
He is fine there
where we desire to go
destined sacredly from above
from and on the first day of our crying
motioning restlessly on our mothers’ laps.
He will pour bliss
looking down
on us
on generations to come
through odour of his inks
that touch our hearts and minds.

Copyright@Bipul Ch. Kalita 03/03/2017

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