Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 4, 2018

THE VOYAGE~by Nakshatra Singh




A Voyage has thus begun,
Aha, the endless sea ahead,
Much to sail, much to live,
My boat, I made it nice to last,
O Storms you can sink it not,
My oars, I made them strong,
O deep waters you can break them not,
My heart, my arms, my very being,
I have started my voyage,
O the great sea, you can stop me not.
Amid roaring screeches of seagulls,
O winds, take me where you wish to,
To which direction, I think not,
The voyage, I want, must go on.
There is no looking back now,
The shores are fading fast,
O Setting sun, sink in peace,
Soon I will cross the starry night,
To welcome your new dawn.
Amid rising and falling waves,
Climbing up and falling down,
Moving ahead nevertheless,
The voyage has thus begun…

By – Nakshatra Singh

Copyright @ Nakshatra Singh

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