Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 5, 2018

Clearest Eyes of the Night~by Rei Nikolai Magnaye



Clearest Eyes of the Night

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When I can no longer reach my dear blue moon
I fear what was never clear, too soon
It passes over me, I glance and oversee
A glimpse of light is all I ask, to swoon

I waited for your warm embrace
Underneath the cold end’s haze
My hands were tied, you kissed goodbye
And drove away into the night

When I can no longer breathe my dear blue lune
My tears trace years, faced fears, too soon
Your glances over me, when you belonged to me
A glimpse of why we never got back through June

I waited no longer as dawn set pace
With dreams I chase as she embraced
My hands untied, she kissed, I cried
The clearest eyes of a longer night

When I can no longer weep, rays of warmth reigns boon
I breathe and reach out as it passes ’til noon
As I no longer fear, but love for what is real
A glimpse of life as our eyes attune

I wait no longer as years went by
Our dreams we chased as we said why
My hand held yours, we kissed, we cried
Best years of love, sixties, she died

When I can no longer see, you’re no longer with me
I regret not, but glee, as I reach memories
I’ll never forget, all those years and dreams
My last breath, I reach, holding your face, I sleep

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