Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 5, 2018

“OLD MAN WINTER” ~by Martin Gedge



 “OLD MAN WINTER” written by martin gedge

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Across the hills and mountain tops
to valleys high and low
as crisp as dew with glistening view
a sea of driven snow
as nature cold with grip and hold
the brisky willow wind
a frosty face that tends to lace
a knock upon the chin
but bitter smiles grow endless miles
to frolic in the air
and lighted sky to marvel eye
are glowing everywhere
the spirit rides to warm insides
to Christmas wish and cheer
a festive friend right to the end
to bring in the new year
through blizzard run beneath the sun
the old man gets his due
the icy break to every skate
will melt like running glue
this season boom that fills our room
in times I hope will bring
the melting snow let winter go
and season us with spring…

written by martin gedge

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