Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 8, 2018





A girl of character with million reasons to ponder,

She grew up on her own to become a onetime wonder;

Having come across hurdles and struggles from her other gender;

She strike with power and rose up like a ginormous thunder;

 She never got to talk about love with a smile,

She never got to walk down her favorite mile;

She never got a chance to express her elegance to dance and sing,

She was by far the most sophisticated and impeccable girl to ever swing;


You may see her struggle but you won’t see her fall,

Regardless if she’s weak or not, she’s going to stand tall;

The biggest smile is what you find on her face even though she want to weep and cry,

She will always fight to win every day, even as her dis tractors plan hard and vigorously try;

Hail you warrior princess you had been an enigmatic darling for the million masses,

Your work and sweat with supreme confidence has helped to put smile on many a faces;

As a girl! As a women! And as a human! You are respected by all with love and care,

The Charismatic Women…. Never mess up with her if you ever dare;



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