Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 9, 2018

” AGIGAITOR”~by Martin Gedge



” AGIGAITOR” written by martin gedge

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Lurking in the depths of grey
with black ball eyes awaiting prey
the scaly beast subsided in the mud
it’s razor teeth and sunken weight
would not for chance nor hesitate
to take your life and leave you blowing suds
it sits to watch you without fear
and slowly comes up from the rear
to get a sniff that there is food to eat
it strikes a dose of sudden pain
before you get to use your brain
and then it drags you down by your seat
its tighten clasp upon your ass
atop the banks and bathing grass
it’s speed can reach you faster then a horse
it’s likes the taste of skin and bone
so dare you not to swim alone
the chances are you might be the main course
sometimes in new york city dwells
through tunnels deep and water wells
it makes it’s way to places that you tread
upon attack it takes you down
rolls you over till you drown
and then my friend your just a waterbed
so word of note to watch your boat
that bellows in the murky float
this creature has no love for human kind
a single step that you invade
his home amongst the everglade
will peel the orange and leave you with the rind…

by martin gedge

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