Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 9, 2018

I LOST MY PEN~by Angela AinjBee Ditumiso




I feel like I’ve been incarcerated
My right to expression restricted
I want to spill what I feel 
But I misplaced my pen
Emotions form a ben
How am I to express them then?

I’m holding on to barren books
Waiting for me to preen
Them with my raw skin
How am I to display my skill?
How am I to address my thoughts?
I want to exercise my will
But, I lost my quill

I lost it right after slipped and fell
In to the poetic well where words dwell
I was submerged in a sea of words and emotions
Now I can’t deal with this commotion
These congregation of poems
Banging against my cranium

Wanting out
Fighting for their freedom
But how,
Just how am I to let these
Words out when I’ve lost my pen
And can’t infiltrate my thoughts?

© The Conspicuous Word 2017

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