Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 11, 2018

Green M&M~by rldubour



Green M&M

Image result for Green M&M

Chocolate on the inside and candy coated out.
They never melt in hand only in your mouth.
Once a day I buy a bag of those M&M’s.
They are my favored candy I eat them to the end.
I should just suggest what color that they should be seen.
Instead of brown, red and orange they should all be green.
Green should be the color of all the M&M’s.
Then even perfect strangers will want to be your friend.
They’ll all be green with envy and want to share your candy.
You’ll just say no, go buy your own in the stores there pretty handy.
They come in different packages there is plain and there are nuts.
It doesn’t matter what you choose you will like them very much.
If I could pick the color that M&M’s should be seen.
I would make sure everyone was the color green.

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