Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 14, 2018

I Was Auctioned Off~by rldubour



I Was Auctioned Off

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I was just sitting in the lobby as happy as could be.
When someone mentioned auction and the ladies mentioned me!
I don’t know how this happened or even where to start.
All I know the highest bidder was going to win my heart.
They were bidding fast and the price kept going up.
I just hoped the final bidder had the cutest butt!
They were getting hot and heavy in the lobby I could see.
They just kept on bidding and it was over me!
The auctioneer was happy she was even bidding.
Then I took this serious, these ladies they aren’t kidding!
I felt like a stripper taking off my clothes.
And they kept on bidding on someone they didn’t even know!
The price it just kept going up what was I to do?
I hoped the one that wanted me wouldn’t really lose.
When the night was over and I was finally auctioned off.
I thought this lady really wants me I saw the price I cost.
I thought again, what would she want? What will I have to do?
I don’t really care cause the winner is the one I didn’t want to lose!

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