Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 15, 2018

Dreamers~by Rei Nikolai Magnaye




I’ve been praying for someone like you
And I don’t know how or when I loved you
When each star just shine on a nighted day
I wonder when time chose to make me stay

Stars unseen they fade away
Parts unclean and break to hate
Blind to see but pray to faith
Lasting sights, we’re laid to waste
Dream for colors aged to gray
Plead and wonder, wait for days
Summers ending chase today
Just to see what made you stay

And I don’t know how but stars are clear
We prayed and hoped beyond much fear
The dreams, once chased, you’re kept on track
But a dreamer’s love you can’t hold back

Fade away to see them shine
Hate to break what stars align
Faith brings sight to what was blind
Wasted not our lasting nights
Aging grey, yet colored lives
As we wait and wonder why
We chased our dreams, you and I
Stayed with me in truest times

We’re all but dreamers who just met today
Tomorrow is but yesterday’s guiding way
We keep looking for paths as we chase our dreams
But to be true to oneself and be with dreamers are all we need, it seems

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