Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 15, 2018

LAST BREATH~by Angela AinjBee Ditumiso





I held her frail hand
As she lay on her deathbed
Saw how pain ran from her eyes
Amalgamated with tears

Before she paid her dues
She did talk of love I was deprived of
Talked of how her heart became
Corrupted and stingy
She did confess
That she loved me
Despite having treated me like a dog

With her last breath
She uttered an apology
Told me her sins had gnawed at her
She revealed she wasn’t all cold
That she possessed a tender heart

On her very last breath
She opened my eyes
Made me see my real reflection
That I was beautiful
And deserving of affection

As she closed them
She took away
The mother I had always yearned for
That love I had spent years searching for

With her last breath
She made me glad
That I had known
Such an incredible soul
For people had lived to wrong me
But she was the first to
Display compunction

© The Conspicuous Word 2017


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