Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 16, 2018





Oh,wandering minstrel !
Come back again
And sing those songs,
Which I once loved to hear,
Songs which caused my eyes,
To well up with tears.
Do tell me,
Do you wish me,
To sing along?
Since you left,
My dream rainbows,
Have lost their colours;
Love birds sing no more,
In my heart’s bowers;
Fragrance has left,
My soul’s Spring flowers.

Oh bard ! do come back,
Sing to me once more,
Songs which touch,
My heart’s core;
Songs which you have,
Never sung before;
Songs which paint,
My soul evergreen;
Songs which percolate
And permeate,
Within every cell of mine,
Songs which strum
A chord within,
Awaken and rejuvenate,
My inner being.

Copyright ©
Piya Ghosh~ 16-3-18

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