Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 16, 2018

SWIRLING CLOUDS~by Deryhl Delgado




Image may contain: cloud, ocean, sky, outdoor, water and nature

As I gaze the wilderness of the firmament
I stood ground and watch it passes by,
As time stood still, my eyes bewildered by its symmetry
It whirls callously the beatings of my heart

While the paces of time befall, I yearn for the hearts and flowers,
That flickers within the shelter of my soul
The rippling tides of pendulum serrated to and fro
Just as the zeal of passion intensify the dullness of time.

I long for the luster of the sun, to trail obverse the mist of sky
To bestow radiance upon the encumbered heart
Whilst it rested placidly under the rugged briny deep
Sheered its drudgery while sunk dyed in the wool

Whist I breathe the ocean breeze, I thought the nature’s lover call
First passage of time tickers, drifted me along the seashores
Surcease of sorrow beckons me for the eventide hour is at hand
All the while, I bid adieu to seafaring as violent haze fated…/373990028/Swirling-Clouds-143

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