Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 17, 2018

If the death was a birth~by Ravindranath Kunnath



If the death was a birth

If the death was a birth,
Be cheerfull..
If it gives tears with pain
Dream along with fate..
If it gives tears with joy
Throw it that stones of philosophy.
Live under the shade of death
And illuminate this urge ,chant with life,melodious hymns given by our sages and prophects..
Come to the soil..
Here death always was an orphan
Twinkle ,twinkle
Wisdom ,of all ages and beyond
Like stars inside the unsung soul of death
Glitter ,glitter the sky
That also there as a master without form.
It is in our tongue stay as holy,it is the bliss,for us.

Deep inthe unknowingness
Death is heaven
Before the gates of it
A great fire pond to light the life,immortal thereafter
Iam leaving…
Take this breath and smells of me
It is for you to become alive..
Death is joy my love…
It is our birth,here the blue sky
give nothing.

(C)Ravindranath kunnath

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