Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 18, 2018

“PURPLE RAIN” ~by Martin Gedge



POEM “PURPLE RAIN” by martin gedge

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Underneath a cloud of tears
the power and the fame
a prince has fallen from the stars
in drops of purple rain
like love and art and peaceful signs
he danced onto the set
took the stage and turned the page
in his little red corvette
he showed the way to those who dreamed
and gave us with his heart
a fatal kiss and memory bliss
on nights in paisley park
he was unlike a common thread
and went against the mold
he made you feel of joy and grace
when there was nothing left to hold
he took of what a hendrix brought
and carved himself a groove
a million strong with every song
he made the people move
a crazy dance a bat romance
a wonder to his peers
a partyman and gifted hand
a genre through the years
he took to every instrument
to rock n’ roll a lover
with country pop he wouldn’t stop
to funk and soul a brother
he was more then meets the eye
and no one like him since
when ever doves in heaven fly
you know you’ll find your prince…

by martin gedge

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