Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 18, 2018

To every despot’s father~by Chris Belcourt



To every despot’s father

To every despot’s father
Lies his fascist son
Behind a wall
America coming undone

The bans to their neighbors
From an eastern direction
Dont convey their american affection
Rather a bias on their nation
And an impasse between relation

So as they are intertwined in turmoil
Indifference for a brother, a human, a mother
We can watch and hope that these find relief in one another

Times like these are never easy
For all walks of life
But a rule we must all uphold
Is to not become whats choking us
Our trumpocracy, our forgotten democracy.

From entry into this world, as cold as it is
From aids and hysteria, propaganda and malaria.
We’ve got so far and come so long
Unity is but an art, like something dark
It takes a negative to form a positive
Not everything is meant to be
Not every face you meet proceeds ordinary
Not every life you live derives from ancestry.
So think twice, i think too much
Drive myself mad and need a clutch
Reality can be pretty
Rearview memory, river view serenity

Visualize your city in a kaleidiscope
Does it blend in abstract fashion?
If you visualized it in whatever way,
Does it mend in unified passion?
Can you see the colors this world has?
The difference is what people long for.
Change, progress, evolution.
To every face met, is a world of opportunity and with every generation before ours is a chance to remedy history.
We cannot change the past, but we can attribute the faults of it to today and generate a sense of faith

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