Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 21, 2018





There is no time,no season,
There is no rhyme,no reason,
When one falls in love.
No prerequisites, no conditions,
Only an outpouring of emotions,
When you fall in love.
He was her Samson,her Romeo,
She was his Delilah, his Juliet,
A tall,slim pretty little thing;
She was head over heels
In love with him,
When she was only nineteen.

She was in first year of college,
He was her David,
Her Adonis;
She was a teenager, gullible,
A lissome lass,vulnerable,
Whereas he was thirty six.
She beheld colourful dreams,
In her starry eyes,
And her wishes
Rode on unicorns’ wings;
She fell in love with
Her Superman,
When she was just nineteen.

She came to know
He was a married man,
With a son aged four,
But who cared for
All these things,
When love knocked
At her door.
She bared her soul for him,
Drowned in his eyes green,
And worshipped him,
In her heart’s core.
But when he went,
He broke her heart,
When he left,
She was torn apart,
She was then barely nineteen.

Piya Ghosh~ 213-18

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