Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 23, 2018

We are all born poets :~by Nutan Sarawagi

” Arent we all poets , or are poets different from readers ”
I was asked this question ?


We are all born poets :

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We are all born poets :
in your inspiration lies my inspiration 
If we are not poets
then who is our reader
I fail to answer

writing is a penchance we are born with
In it to write sooner or later
like an actor
some make it
some take it
from others
listening to them
in voices their own
a catharsis to write
and feel there own
I am no poet
I just write my own
to feel it my own
if you relate to me
I am happy
if not I relate to your poem
as my own
in each poem we write each other
making up our lines in other another ..our own
Our sufferings our sorrows
one and own

aren’t we all part of the same universe in it to be heard ..
aren’t we one sharing our experiences going down as one
a human tribe lost in ourself
to become no one else but one
in one voice the poets voice
your voice my voice only one
just no one
I am one
without you
no one
I am the audience
I am the reader
I am the poet in my lines i write as my one
Unknown to myself not even my own
in your voice to become one
In your voice reduced to no one
Just one
My only one

In my poetry
Your poetry to be won
Never outdone
One voice
Copyright @ Nutan Sarawagi 2016

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