Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 25, 2018

“ARIZONA”~by Martin Gedge‎



“ARIZONA” by martn gedge

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The wind flies high in the Arizona sky
and the lives are drowned in the rain
the shadow and mist from a cloud forming fist
as the sun burns an ominous flame
the river and the run like a round from a gun
cracks with a thundering whip
lightning in a bottle with hands on the throttle
shakes from the hip to the grip
in the dark of the night in a flash of the light
you can hear all the hustle in the wind
a whispering soul with an arrow and a bow
evil in the eyes of the jinn
across the grounds in the Copperhead towns
the world is in line with the wake
and the heat of the steam on the tracks of the seam
like a train letting go of the brake
caught in the path in the rage of the wrath
a puzzle in the piece of the storm
the sea of the rise in the face of the eyes
sucked in the funneling form
the shatter of the glass and the smell of the gas
burns in the glaze of the black
timber in the glow like a fireworks show
like a beast with a stab in the back
from the roof to the floor buckled at the core
debris in the fields of the street
down in the drain like a place with no name
with the battles of the scars in defeat
deep in the ditch in the wreck of the bitch
swallowed in the break of the day
a barrel and a boom as another comes soon
as we sit…. and we hope…. and we pray….

by martin gedge

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