Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 26, 2018

Marco Polo…~by Joe Wilson



Marco Polo…

I do have to say how surprised I was
To be chosen to sing the great solo
In the opera concerning the journeys
Of the roving Italian, Marco Polo.
For I sang as Polo, the memory, in tenor
Marco is in mezzo-soprano
Relating psychological journeying
We put on quite a big show.
I believe I’d be right in saying
That it took quite an age to write
I wondered sometimes, if ever indeed
Tan Dun ever saw the end in sight.

As I said, I was Polo, the memory
And I clearly recalled the events
That happened to him on his travels
The him being Marco, who often laments.
His journeys took place over so many years
Travelling to China and other far places
Many were imagined and many were not
He travelled the globe and saw many faces.

Marco builds to a climax and lets himself go
His voice almost reaching soprano
In powerful tenor I recall all I know
As I glide o’er the stage in magical flow.
Quite a while later, as the curtain came down
To tumultuous cheers from the gods and the stalls
I wondered how I managed to sing that great part
As I stood signing autographs and receiving phone calls.

©Joe Wilson – Marco Polo…2016

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