Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 27, 2018

Depression, my Nemesis~by Kathi Waggoner Coates



Depression, my Nemesis

I sense you there
Lurking , trespassing
Along the edges of my mind
An unwelcome visitor
Preparing to knock
Upon a door that bares
No particular lock
You approach me from behind
In stealth mode
Your twisted code
Exuding poison
Baring invisible handcuffs
Preventing mirrors from
Reflecting my authenticity.
Woman I acknowledge
As me
Memories of my laughter
Become only that…
INTRUSION of monumental
An abortion of confidence
Replaced with doubts
And fears of inadequacy
Strides of bounce
And fortitude
Replaced with boulders
Causing mental stutter
Of the rock I declared
Myself to be.
Weary of irregular rhythm
You continuously beat
On tormented drums
I take to my bed, flat on my back
Inhaling exhaling inhaling
Repetitive breaths as I
Concentrate on circular
Motion of the mounted
Ceiling fan cooling my body,
Hypnotic repetitions of
Wooden blades
A silent lullaby dulling
My mind into a sleep
Removing me from my
Nemesis until I awaken
Perhaps you will have removed
Yourself from the premises
Of my fragile mind
By then
You will be done with me
For a while

K. W. Coates

( Kat)

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