Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 28, 2018

Act 1: Scene 1~by Scot Buffington



Act 1: Scene 1

Play any passions mind’s holy desire
as times drips wax from candlelit fire
perform select stanzas of hot, lustful prose
taboos the soul does not often propose.

Shall I enter a black-clad, dark apparition
muster my satyrs in loveless sedition
tongue lashing sweet, serenity’s flick
explore the fathoms, psychologically sick.

Excavate terrors suppressed from your heart
dredge for lost specters, afflictions impart
utilize trauma’s ejaculative powers
in evil distaste, your madness devours.

This libertine I, force priapic greed
sybarite you, entreats lecherous need
submitting to gluttony, nefarious feed
assuage hungry gullet with blasphemous seed.

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