Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 30, 2018

Is it only just an Art~by Fred Tunks



Is it only just an Art

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Sometimes I find I’m at a loss for words
with which to continue on with a conversation
Sometimes I’m prone to listening to and 
acting out upon the lies of aggravation

How’s it possible to tongue those fluttering
verbs that speak only to a butterfly … how is it possible to squelch a comment that would
be better off left to die?

How’s a man give wings to the hurtful things that he feels within his heart … how do you find the end of something that didn’t even truly begin or ever really happen from the start?

Is it only just an art?

Only a gift set down upon a connoisseur of pain!
Only showcased somewhere deep beneath a gallery of a burning acid rain! How do you resuscitate a star or breath new life into a fallen angel?

How you manage to disentangle what has turned into a mess? How do you get beyond the tainted to sweet love at it’s best? Is there anyone who is truly that dam smart?

Is it only just an art?


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