Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 30, 2018

“Z” ~by Martin Gedge



POEM “Z” by martin gedge

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Unlock the earth and stomach girth
to set the zombies free
the breeding war is on the floor
a wal-mart killing spree
hide your children in the dark
and fade out of the light
for burns the sun the dead will come
to kiss the world goodnight
so gather up your basic needs
and keep a watchful eye
the crazed insane will eat your brain
as blood prevails the sky
brave to dare the city scope
and knock them to their knees
to take the street you pack the heat
and raid the buzzing bees
take control and further hold
the riches for the rags
encase the soul to tag the toe
that lines the body bags
the frenzy feast as they unleash
as troops deploy the ground
across the sky as missiles fly
you hear the sirens sound
the gusting wind wears bitter thin
and like a cruel disease
the falling fleet admits defeat
like rushing through the Z’s
and in the wake for dawn they break
a disaster left in glow
to comprehend they start again
well we… may… never know?

by martin gedge

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